Saturday, February 4, 2017

Snow and sheep.

I love winter on the ranch, especially when everything is frosted in snow.  Today I caught a spectacular photo of our flock patriarch, Teddy.  He has been a terrific
ram for us so far; mild mannered, and very stately.  We've been pleased with our lamb crop from him this year.
Teddy's horn spread has developed nicely and he has given us some nice looking lambs this season.

For a young ram, his face shows such wisdom and calmness.

Friday, February 3, 2017

End of our lambegeddon.

It has been a very interesting winter here at the ranch.  We have had at least 3" of snow on the ground here since the beginning of the year.  The first big wave of snowfall ushered in our first lambs of the season born to Cocoa, who delivered a very darling brown ewe and a spirited brown and white ram.  Later than same week, another snowfall came as did our next lamb.  The next week another significant snow and yet more lambs.  So of course since it's now February and snowing, must mean that...yup, time for another lamb!  This is the last in our series until April.  Maa, our oldest ewe delivered a single black ewe lamb yesterday and she is sweet.

Say "cheese"!

Proud mamma and baby.

Lamby cuddles.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sandpoint show officially in the books.

  Lazy G Ranch and Rabbitry had a respectable showing this weekend at The Huckleberry Classic in Sandpoint, ID.   Hosted by the The North Idaho Rabbit Breeders, this well run show takes place at the very nice Bonner County Fairgrounds.  This was our first show tableing only animals born and bred in our barn.  We are very proud to have been awarded 3 Best Opposite of Variety placings in three of the four shows.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

We have warm, woolly fiber!

  Lazy G Ranch and Rabbitry now has Navajo-Churro fiber available in batts and roving.  Churro fiber is such a pleasure to draft and is a dual coated wool with a coarse outer fiber that is almost hairlike and a dense, soft inner fiber that is like Merino.  This is the same wool used by the Navajo to weave their beautiful blankets, shawls, and wall hangings.
  Call or e-mail to find out colors available and pricing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Meet the newest member of Lazy G Ranch and Rabbitry

Last weekend we traveled a few hours away to another farm breeding Navajo-Churro sheep.  Our goal was to find a ram for our flock, and I think we did quite well in picking out this little guy.

We haven't named him yet, but Ram is a 4 horned yearling purebred black and tan Navajo-Churro.  I was intent on finding a white ram to add some dye-able color to my flock but absolutely fell in love with this cutie.  Plus, I really want the four horn gene in my flock; it is truly a gem of the breed.  It's a little late in the season to breed, but I hope we have some lambs from our older ewes coming into summer.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beautiful, Bountiful Eggs.

  Our heritage Barred Holland Hens have been most prolific in their laying this winter.  Very nice in a time when most hens are taking a break from laying.  Being a heritage breed it took them a lot longer to mature to laying age (over five months before we saw our first egg) and I appreciate that they are making up for it now.  I just love to watch them run around the property and see them perching on fence posts and out scavenging for seeds.
Beautiful and yummy fresh eggs.

The hens (the darker colored ones) mostly like to range far out into the pastures, the roosters however like to stay close to the chicken run.

I think it's funny how the roosters blend in to the gravel on the driveway.  Tommy Turkey is great at photobombing.

Monday, February 8, 2016

New Logo

Hello Lazy G Ranch and Rabbitry fans.  Lots of news this week, the first of which is OUR NEW LOGO!  Thanks so much to Ellyn at The Nature Trail and especially Nick for creating such a beautiful and personalized logo for us.

So what do you think of our new logo?  Post your comments below and let us know what you think.